The Concord brand has been one of Germany's oldest and best-known manufacturers of 
children's equipment for 35 years. The success story goes back to 1978 and Concord has been 
among the market leaders in Germany and Europe to this day. But Concord's products 
are not just popular in Europe. The brand is now strongly represented and has been tried and 
tested with increasing success in important markets, such as Russia and China, for several years.

The Concord brand has been part of the Jané corporate group since 2004, with headquarters
in Barcelona. The owners concentrate exclusively on developing and producing children's products,
and the group has been a successful, family-run business for 75 years. During this time, more than 
600 patents have been registered, and product range had advanced from the first, foldable buggies to
today's product diversity that encompasses around 200 products.