Friday, 27 November 2015


English translation from Baby & Junior editorial:

"... is the new Concord rear-facing seat Reverso.Plus. With this model, small passengers go from birth to approx. 4 years backward and particularly safe. Because of i-Size child seat fulfilled - as the name says - now also the high demands of the Swedish Plus test. In addition, the soft damping material ensures more security in the shoulder area. In the last Kind + Jugend the seat was even nominated for an Innovation Award in the category World of Travelling Baby .

Granted, driving backwards - that makes me sick to my stomach... Whether in our VW bus, the train or bus, which is why the Concord Reverso.Plus is out of the question - for me.

But why?
It is suitable up to a height of 105 cm.
And for that I am exactly 72 cm too long.  :-) "

From Pia Bohlender
Member of the Baby & Junior online editors team


Thanks to Pia and Baby & Junior for the nice editorial!