Monday, 27 October 2014

i-Size Regulation

How does the new i-Size regulation improve safety?

1. Travelling in the REAR FACING position is the safest way to travel as the spine, head and neck are all equally protected and better supported than when travelling facing forwards.

2. Additionally, the obligation to use the ISOFIX system significantly reduces the risk of misuse of the CRS. Studies have shown that 36% of CRS are badly installed, and this % lowers drastically for those equipped with the ISOFIX system.

3. The introduction of the SIDE IMPACT TEST guarantees a remarkable improvement in safety since the majority of traffic accidents involve these circumstances. 70% of accidents involve side impacts. Here’s a caption of a lateral impact test of REVERSO in our Crash Test Research Center.

4. i-Size introduces the use of the NEW “Q” DUMMY SERIES, which increases the reliability of the crash
test results. Additionally, as well as the chest acceleration results, other data can be collected like the accelerations of the head and the neck tension force.

To know more about the new i-Size regulation: CONCORD i-Size Information

REVERSO is the first i-Size seat permitted for new borns.