Wednesday, 3 September 2014



Dear Business Partners,

the Kind + Jugend 2014 trade fair is around the corner. 
We warmly invite you to visit us in Cologne in the 
Jané Group’s exhibition area, covering around 700 square metres.

Experience real innovations in the sector for yourself, 
for example the unique iSize Reboarder CONCORD REVERSO 
and the especially soft CONCORD WALLABEE baby carrier.

Give us the opportunity to present trendsetting new developments 
in the Driving and Living sector, before they become widely known, 
in one-to-one discussions.

Get to know the exclusive CONCORD collection 
for the 2014 / 2015 season. Take in the sophisticated colour combinations 
with pleasantly imaginative names such as ‘Raven Black’ and ‘Raspberry Pink’, 
and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere at our trade fair booth 
while drinking an espresso.

We look forward to seeing you!