Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Product launch CONCORD REVERSO
Frankfurt, 30th June - 1st July 2014

The new Reboarder from Concord is the first iSize seat permitted for newborns, and has exceeded the expectations of specialists.

The new backwards-facing Concord Reverso child seat was presented to the international specialist trade and press from 30 June to 1 July in Frankfurt. The Concord Reverso is the first Reboard seat with iSize approval from birth to a height of 105 cm.

The comprehensive and inspiring product presentation comprised lectures on the technical innovations of the Reverso and the design of the technical and textile components, as well as the sales and marketing strategy for the innovative seat. In addition, the event offered the opportunity for personal discussions with Concord employees from all product-supporting specialist departments. Of course, the new seat, as well as other Concord products, for example the comfortable Wallabee baby carrier, could be comprehensively tested and appraised.

There was a particular focus on close cooperation with specialist retail in the development of this novel product. The idea behind this was to optimally complement the innovations of the Concord engineers and designers with everyday experience and customer feedback. And, clearly, it worked.

The Concord Reverso impresses thanks to its broad range of applications. Thanks to the separately cushioned newborn inlay, the seat is a fully fledged cradle for ages of around three to five months. Thereafter, without the inlay, it is suitable for children up to a height of 105 cm.

In terms of handling, the Concord Reverso is far ahead of other Reboard seats. The convenient rotating wheels allow the leg supports and, in particular, the angle of sitting or lying to be adjusted. This can even be done comfortably from the driver’s seat. As a rule, all the adjustments can be made from all sides and are marked with clear, mechanical red-green indicators, as is the Isofix mounting.

In general, the Concord Reverso represents a new generation of Reboard seats. Its clear, tidy design is a visualisation of the new technology. A circular lightweight aluminium protection frame with an internal multifunctional shell, made entirely from shock-absorbing material, offers maximum protection with minimal weight. With the inlay for newborns inserted, the Concord Reverso weighs 10.9 kg – without the inlay it even weighs in at under 10 kg (9.9 kg).

The exceptionally good ventilation at the back of the seat is also worthy of mention. This is achieved with particularly large and permeable louvres in the rear wall of the seat, providing more comfort for small passengers.

The user-friendly automatic foot plate adjustment with cushioning is a unique feature. This impact plate, also known as a roll bar, stabilises the seat and is shaped in such a way that children can rest their feet on it. The plate adjusts to the vehicle automatically, making integration and changing vehicles easier.

The Concord Reverso registered very impressive results in frontal, rear and side impacts. The cushioning of the foot plate buffers the rebound after an impact and reduces the strain in case of a rear collision.