Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Concord Ultimax.2 is named test winner among Group 0+/1 car seats according to Stiftung Warentest, the ADAC and the ÖAMTC
‘The best for older children in the new test’ – this is the headline used by Stiftung Warentest to describe the Concord Ultimax.2 car seat with ISOFIX. The model was rated as the best in its class, receiving an overall grade of ‘Good’ (2.0) in a joint international test.

The comprehensive test is carried out each year by Stiftung Warentest together with the ADAC and the ÖAMTC and is considered a model and benchmark throughout Europe for the assessment of child safety seats. Seat models of all categories are put to the test, where the criteria range from accident safety, handling and ergonomics to pollutant content, cleaning and processing.

The Ultimax.2 was praised for its easy installation, its adjustable upright and lying positions, the secure and comfortable belt routing, and the good ergonomics of the seat position for young passengers. Furthermore, it is also the most affordable seat in its test category.

Group 0+/1 child safety seats are suitable for children from birth to the age of about five years with a weight of up to 18 kg and a maximum height of 100 cm. As in other product groups, more and more models are also suitable for installation with the ISOFIX mounting system. As a rule, the fixed link between the seat and the vehicle causes a significant drop in load values for crash tests and reduces the risk of car seats being installed incorrectly.


Concord Air.Safe receives good marks and beats the best-in-test model without ISOFIX

Child safety seats should be safe and comfortable – and flexible in terms of use. This is an area in which the Concord Air.Safe baby seat scores particularly well in the latest child seat test by Stiftung Warentest, the ADAC and the ÖAMTC.

In its publication of the test results, Stiftung Warentest writes that it is interesting ‘how different the marks awarded are depending on whether models are used with or without an ISOFIX base.’ This point reveals a particular strength of the Concord Air.Safe baby car seat. It received a mark of ‘Good’ (a score of 1.6) in all scenarios, offering a high level of flexibility combined with excellent crash safety for side and frontal collisions as well as easy handling. In the evaluation without an ISOFIX base, it even beat the test winner among Group 0+ seats (with a score of 1.9).

The Concord Air.Safe makes everyday life easier for parents thanks to its very light design, weighing just 2.9 kg. In addition, installation is straightforward and secure, the size of the seat around the head can be adjusted, and the automatic belt adjustment ensures that children are always well protected .

An important note for parents: not every product is suitable for every child or every vehicle. Before making a purchase, advice should be obtained on operating and installing car safety seats, and these should be tested in your own car. Your specialist retailer can provide indispensable support and information in this regard.

Thursday, 22 May 2014



The Ultimax.2 rated TEST WINNER in Group 0+/I by German Stiftung Warentest.
"GOOD" in ADAC, ÖAMTC and TCS. CONCORD Air.Safe is also awarded as
one of the best baby car seat without Isofix. And rated "GOOD" with Isofix.


Monday, 19 May 2014


One city. One team. One strong brand.

Two days dealing with brand management and brand strategy, future prospects and current developments.

On the third and fourth of April, all those in charge of Concord brands met at the Spanish headquarters of the Jané Group in Barcelona for two intense days filled with talks, round-table discussions, presentations and the pleasant feeling of representing a strong brand as a team.

One of the aims of the conference was to give international employees a platform for exchange and a clear picture of the strategies for development, marketing and sales. In addition, they had the chance to see the company’s own crash test facility in operation. The Jané Group facility is the most modern privately run facility of its kind in Europe and can, of course, also test i-Size seats.

‘Such events are extremely important for us. It’s about all pulling together to master the daily challenges of brand strategy and its implementation,’ said Andreas Hess, brand and design manager at Concord. Making the brand fit for the future, ensuring clarity in all strategic matters and providing targeted training in how to work with new communication cultures – these aims were pursued and achieved over the two days of the Brand Convention, Hess continued. ‘Because all employees are responsible within their area for creating a strong brand and transporting its promised performance to the market.’

In this regard,

An icon since 1978

Friday, 9 May 2014


 Great review of the AIR.SAFE 
in today's Independent article "10 Best Child Car Seats"!

VEREDICT: "The excellent overall level of safety provided by the Concord Air.Safe
 makes this our top recommendation. It's easy to fit and use 
and provides great crash protection fitted with or without the Isofix base.